About / Who we are

We are parents that care about the holistic well-being of our kids. We want to make sure that our kids maintain a healthy balance between, active play, creative activity and social skills. We value a safe and secure place for our kids to Laugh, Exercise, Play, earn and Grow. Now, we are not alone, we are sure most parents want the same for their kids. So WE are YOU and YOU are in kindred spirits.


We aim to contribute in ensuring that children and families who live nearby have a playground facility for their children to catch fun to the maximum.


Our Vision is to build a safe, secure, clean playground cum children’s fitness facility and also to contribute in encouraging families and children in Davao to actively engage in children fun – filled and recreational activities.


When we were kids, I remember, we could only watch TV on weekends and we were made to play with our siblings and neighbors outside. We got super creative and we were active. We notice that kids nowadays spend too many hours in front of the TV or on gadgets. In social gatherings, you don’t see as many kids running around or talking to each other – they are glued to a screen. There is a worldwide obesity problem in kids and adults alike because of this. We created Big Fun Playpen to combat these issues, especially now that we have kids of our own. By simply providing a place where kids can be active, creative and practice social skills. Where they can turn off their gadgets and use their imagination.


We serve parents who wish to have a safe and secure playground for their kids that provide an environment of learning, creativity and fun. We serve the local community of Davao and harbor friendship and socialization. We believe that by providing a place that create a sense of community from an early age is the making of a great future for our kids and the community.

In the future, we wish to create a network of Big Fun Centers all over the country to spread our advocacy of Active and Creative Play.