What Kind of Birthday Places for Kids Should You Consider for Your Next Kid’s Party

What kind of Birthday Places for Kids Should You Consider for Your Next Kid’s Party

Celebrations are our way of remembering and making the people that we love happy. Birthday celebrations, in particular, are our own sentimental way to give thanks and reflect on our lives or the lives of those important to us. For our children, we make their day special to remind them that they are special and loved. It has become a custom all around the world and there are a lot of people that go to various lengths to make a birthday party. Kids, in particular, love this as they get to have fun with their friends, eat delicious food, and receive gifts. There are plenty of places to organize a birthday party for your kids and with the help of the internet, it is even easier to find one that is the most suitable.

1. Restaurants

This is probably the most common among all other types of places where you can hold a birthday party. A lot of restaurants have separate functions rooms specifically made for booking for events such as birthday parties. There are restaurants that cater to kids such as fast food chains like Mcdonald ’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. Some Mcdonald’s even have indoor playgrounds where kids can play while their parents or guardians are eating. A few child-friendly restaurants even have their own mascots, which is definitely something fun and entertaining for kids. Restaurants are a good place to celebrate a birthday because along with convenient access to food, that everyone will partake in, the restaurant can help make a program for your party or contribute for things like providing door gifts.

2. Theme Parks

A sure way to make your kid’s birthday memorable is to bring him/her in a place full of fun and excitement. What better way to do this than to go to a theme park. A theme park is as the name suggests a park with a specific theme like cartoons and has a lot of activities, rides, and programs for its visitors. This alternative may be a bit pricey compared to other locations but the experience your kid will gain from this will be very worth it.  You can bring your kids with the family or invite their friends to come along. There are a lot of different types of themed parks and this is why it is a good choice for a birthday party location. Although not all kinds of themed parks may be available near your locality, it can be a good place to keep in mind and plan in advance if a long way of travel is needed.

a.Traditional  theme parks

Some examples of the most famous theme parks are Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags, and Legoland. They are traditional theme parks that cater to the whole family.

b. Water Parks 

They are almost the same as the traditional theme parks but the rides and overall activities involve water and include different types of swimming pools, slides, and other water activities.

3. Zoo

A lot of kids love animals and have a natural curiosity to see and learn from them.  The zoo can be a fun and educational place for your kid to celebrate their birthday with their friends. A lot of zoos now have their own event places and programs for kids that involves activities like feeding animals, taking pictures with animals or watching them put on a show.  

4. Themed Playgrounds

Theme playgrounds are spaces where kids can play. There are a lot of kinds of indoor and outdoor playground. , Kids would especially love the idea of going to a party where there is going to be a playground nearby or on the location itself.  For example, a popular place to celebrate birthdays is at a restaurant and some of them have catered to their younger target audience by building indoor playgrounds for kids. These are usually in fast food restaurants such as Mcdonald’s. Playgrounds have evolved into businesses that suit the entertainment needs of our children today. Playgrounds are no longer the typical outdoor space for kids with swings, see-saws, slides, and monkey bars.

a.Trampoline park

One perfect example of an indoor playground that is growing in popularity is the trampoline parks. They do not only have trampolines to jump on but also, most of these playgrounds have other jumping courses, classes and team activities organized by the staff members. They also offer party packages for kids that wish to celebrate their birthday. Trampoline parks are usually found in malls or in individual building establishments.

b. Ball pit playground

Ball pit playgrounds are another variety of newly introduced type of playground. Ball pits are nothing new, it is usually a part of the big indoor playground, however, in recent times, they have made it more specialized and solely use ball pits as the main attraction.

5. Carnival

Another attraction where your kid can celebrate his/her birthday is at the carnival. It might be the hardest to organize, given that carnivals are usually seasonal in certain locations, but just like in theme parks, there are plenty of activities and food booths for them to enjoy with family or friends.

6. Museum

An unconventional choice of location to celebrate your kid’s birthday is planning a trip to the museum. It is a very underrated activity to do, especially in our times now that is buzzing with technology but it is very worth going to and will be a good experience for your kids. A quick tour to of the museum can start the celebration and everyone that comes along can go for a birthday meal afterward in a nearby restaurant. Some examples of museums are:

a.Science Museum

b.History Museum

c. Art Museum

7. Community Centres

In some neighborhoods, there are community centers available that provide event areas where you can organize your kid’s birthday party. Depending on the location, there are community centers that also provide a lot of facilities such as entertainment areas, swimming pools sports fields where children can have fun and do activities. If you live near an area with a multi-faceted community center, you might want to check it out.

8. Interactive play / creativity center

A famous location a lot of kids love nowadays is interactive play centers. This is a location where kids can play games from board games to console games. Modern technology has changed the way kids enjoy and entertain themselves. Games are one of the main sources of this entertainment. There are interactive centers that provide party packages and catering for any events that book their facilities.  

9. Resorts

There are different types of resorts but whatever type of resort it is, it is sure to be a great location. Having your child’s party at a resort is not only very relaxing and fun for the family, but it also ensures that the kids have a lot of activities and facilities to go to. It is an all-in-one stop where your kid can celebrate their birthday and where the family can do a quick staycation.

10. Home

There is no place like home even when celebrating your kid’s birthday. Although there are plenty of other locations that can be great for a birthday celebration, nothing shows the effort more than planning a birthday party for your kid at your home. There is no denying that home cooked food from our parents brings out all our nostalgia, and your child will experience the same thing especially when their birthday is celebrated at the comfort of your home.

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