Toddler Birthday Party Ideas 2019

Birthdays are events that most kids look forward to, especially if it is their birthday. This is because it means receiving gifts and getting to celebrate with friends and family. Every parent wants their child to be happy on their birthday. Toddler years are the time where they are starting to develop intellectually and emotionally. Having a memorable birthday party would be good for them for the future as they will feel a sense of love from everyone around them and this can hone them into an emotionally stronger and more positive individual. Spending time and getting familiar with family and relatives are essential for their childhood. Toddlers must be given memorable experiences so that they can appreciate and remember the good values or friends. Here are some toddler birthday party ideas you can try in 2019.

Celebrate at a kid-friendly restaurant

Birthday celebrations in restaurants have become commonplace because they are very convenient for the whole family. Food is readily available and most kid-friendly restaurants have program packages for events such as birthdays. A few restaurants even have their own mascots to help host the party, which is very entertaining for the kids. Some restaurants only offer food and the location for the event while there are those that actually help in arranging the host of the party, door gifts and decorations as well.  The struggle with planning birthday parties at a restaurant is finding one in a good location and making sure that they have the dates that you want available. Most restaurants require at least a month of advance booking for special events because the industry has a very high demand and the preparation will take time. Popular restaurants also fill-up very fast and can be quite full on certain days so it is better to make a reservation as soon as possible. 

Plan a birthday party at home

A birthday party at home is one of the classic toddler birthday party ideas and is usually planned with a schedule. This includes the time when the guests invited will arrive, the time when catered or homemade food is prepared and eaten, a time for activities and programs and a time to sing happy birthday and cut the cake. Scheduling these parties is very important because an event with kids will more likely end up being a bit messier than usual. There is, however, no need for unnecessary dazzle. A simple celebration with family and a few friends will be enough to make precious and long-lasting memories. If you’d like to add a bit more excitement to the party, a lot of kid’s birthday also includes entertainment like clowns or magic shows. Some hire artists to do face-paints or hand temporary tattoos.

Another important thing to plan for birthdays is the food and cake. There are many options for this like catering, delivery, potluck or homemade food. It all comes down to the time frame and budget you have to organize the event. Planning for food to serve to toddlers is quite easy. A famous choice is a pizza and other common food such as sandwiches, hot dogs, nuggets, bagels, fruit and sweet dips like marshmallow dipped in chocolate. Toddlers don’t really like to eat very complicated food; therefore it is easy to prepare dishes that were previously mentioned. Adults, on the other hand, are less picky and would also appreciate simple meals.


Have fun in an amusement park

Amusement parks are a haven for kids of all ages. It is where they can be unabashedly excited and filled with joy. Every corner has rides, food, colorful shops and maybe even mascots parading around the park.  Amusement parks now also provide services to hold a birthday party. Just like in restaurants it is relatively easy to ask for reservations online or through the phone if you wish to hold a birthday party celebration in amusement parks. The challenge is knowing if it is available or not. There are limited recreation areas in popular amusement parks and naturally, they are in high demand because it is one of the best places to hold a grand celebration for kids. They may provide an all-in-one birthday package that includes the venue, the food, the cake, the party favors, and the entertainment. The older kids would love one of these toddler birthday party ideas as they can go and have fun with the rides after the birthday program or during break time.


Pool party

Another kind of birthday party that toddlers and adults alike will appreciate is having a celebration in resorts or a residence with a pool. Swimming is a fun activity for little kids and it is not something dangerous as long as they have the right equipment, like floaters, and someone to supervise them. It is relaxing and fun and in most cases, the best way to play and bond with other children. Pool parties can be done in different types of location such as resorts, recreation centers or a rented villa.  These venues usually have adequate facilities to accommodate the needs of those holding the celebrations such as toilets and a place to shower before dipping into the pool. It is an all-in-one stop where your kid can celebrate their birthday and where the family can stay for a quick staycation.

Try out the new edu-tainment centers

Indoor playgrounds are becoming a trend and there is a particular service like this that is more suited to toddlers. “Edutainment” centers are play centers for toddlers that are similar to the indoor playground but as the name suggests, it has ‘educational’ and ‘entertainment’ values put into one. Edutainment centers involve small activities accompanied by fun facts and information about certain topics. They are like interactive enrichment centers for toddlers. This type of service may not be available for some locations but this is something real and trending. The focus of these types of centers is to provide a fun and safe environment for toddlers to participate in a creative play. Edutainment centers usually have tour packages that can be utilized when planning a birthday party. It is a worry-free environment for parents to let their children roam around, have fun and socialize. This may still be seen as an unconventional way of planning a birthday party but kids and adults alike will definitely enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

All these toddler birthday party ideas will not be complete without a few key features of what makes up the perfect birthday party. The first few years of a child is very important for parents to show them the bond and values of bringing people together to celebrate someone special to them. Birthday parties for toddlers are usually planned with a theme. It may be the child’s favorite cartoon character, color, video game or toy. Seeing familiar things that they like to make a toddler happy and getting a theme for their special day would mean a lot. For example, a child may like playing and watching superheroes like Superman. His/her birthday party can be themed blue and red with symbols and pictures of Superman everywhere.

Another vital object that needs to be arranged when planning for a birthday party is the cake. It symbolizes the whole celebration and blowing on it is like the signal of the toddler turning a year older. Cakes can either be bought or made at home, but it is usually bought and customized to order according to the theme of the party. Referring to the example theme mentioned previously, the cake may be made to have a superman decoration on it and layered with white, blue and red icing. A cake is a traditional dessert for this occasion but nowadays, people do use other options such as cupcakes, macaroons, brownies or cookies.

Last but not least, a great toddler birthday party is not complete without party favors for the other young ones that are invited to the party. It is the celebrant’s way of saying thank you to his/her fellow children for attending his/her celebration. Party favors are usually filled with small toys, candies, chocolates and other small food items that can fit the goody bag. Others also include stationery in party favors such as a pencil, notepads, crayons, and pens.

One take away we can learn from organizing toddler birthday party ideas for your child is that it will be very interesting and maybe stressful. At the end of the day, every detail of the party is something that should be well-liked by your toddler.  From party banners, decorations, food decorations, mascots, and cake would all sync together if a single theme is used. It is safe to say that your toddler will probably enjoy any type of birthday party ideas that mom and dad come up with. Parents should also expect an abundance of presents for your child and this is your opportunity to teach them to appreciate such gifts.  It would be polite for your child to personally say thank you to their friends that give them the gifts during their birthday celebration. When it is time to open the presents, they can familiarize themselves with the toys or objects received and understand that these are the things that make up a birthday celebration.


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