The Different Kids’ Camp Programs in Davao For Your Child’s Growth

Kids’ camps aren’t necessarily what one thinks of where one’s kid is expected to learn different kinds of knots to use for camping. Kids’ camps are institutions that help kids with their abilities outside of the four walls of a classroom, where they are able to actively participate more and where they learn helpful and essential skills that can help with their growth. Kids’ camps in Davao City aren’t unheard of, although they aren’t too well-known. Here are some of the choices of kids’ camp in Davao City and their programs that can help in your child’s growth.

Kids Camp Innovative Learning Academy

Located at Talomo, Davao City, Kids’ Camp Innovative Learning Academy is actually a privately owned school. It is in the list of kids’ camp in Davao City not only because of its name but also because of some of the additional program they have for preschool kids who they see have more difficulty in reading. The school creates a program of intervention for identified students who have higher risk of reading difficulties. Individualized instruction to increase phonologic awareness, decoding skills, sight word vocabulary, and reading comprehension are the main focus of this program which very well fits as a kids’ camp in Davao City.

Fashion Institute of Design and Arts’ (FIDA)

FIDA is a fashion institute that focuses on the fashion trade, from makeup to styling and sewing. FIDA is an accredited fashion institute that offers various summer courses for children who want to try out short sessions over the summer. This is a perfect choice for kids’ camp in Davao. Here are some of the courses they offer, which are subject to change every summer:

For kids: Art and Crafts Workshops (6 sessions); Cupcake and Cookie Decorating (2 sessions); Sewing for ages 7 to 12 yrs old (10 sessions); Polymer Clay Art (2 sessions); Accessory Making (4 sessions); Junior Fashion Designer (5 sessions)


Musikademy offers regular kids’ camp in Davao City and is located in McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City. They have Musikids Camp in Davao City for kids ages 3-5 yrs. old. Here, they learn basic music skills like rhythm, melody and tempo in a fun and creative environment.

Ichef Institute Of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship

Ichef is an accredited international culinary school that offers short summer kids’ camp in Davao City, depending on the chefs that they invite for the summer. Here is an example of a kids’ camp in Davao City program they made:

Kids Culinary Boot Camp (ages 7-12 y.o.) Indulge your sweet tooth with a Basic Pastry and Baker’s Course. At the end of the 5-day program, invite your family and friends to a “high tea” event at the Chef’s Kitchen to dine and taste your sweet and savory masterpieces! Join us in this Summer Kids’ Camp in Davao City.

We have a lot of fun, creative, and interactive workshops and activities for your kids. Check out our facilities and let your child create fun memories with us!

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