The Best Davao Venue for a Party

The best Davao venue for a party is relative and differs from who the party is for, who is hosting the party, and even who are coming. There are a lot of factors to consider in looking for a party venue from the budget to the accommodation itself and what the venue has to offer, the food and the accessibility of one’s chosen venue to the menu of the venue itself. But, as Davao is a big city, there are certain venues that are really topnotch and are almost always considered for big parties. These Davao venues for party are top notch, though lacking in a few things here and there, because let’s face it, the best venues are either expensive or one needs to drive quite a bit to get there. Here are some of the best Davao venues for parties.


A resort overlooking the view of Davao City, different kinds of restaurants that offer the best quality of food while enjoying the view of the city and the cold breeze the height of the area has to offer, Jack’s Ridge is one of the best Davao venue for parties as they are known for their overview of Davao City especially when night falls and the city illuminates itself. Jack’s Ridge draws in the people by the numbers. Here, you can book your parties with ease because even if it is a bit of a drive, when one hears of a party at Jack’s Ridge, one is already tempted to say yes to the RSVP. Jack’s Ridge is at the top of the best Davao venues for parties as people who live in Davao don’t need to be told how to get there as it is already embedded in the memories and hearts of the people.


Vista View is a restaurant that is also boastful of its view of the city. Although located opposite of Jack’s Ridge, Vista View is also one of the best Davao venues for parties as they serve good food, has a huge function hall and the view is spectacular. With the same reason as Jack’s Ridge, that it may be a bit of a drive, this Davao venue for parties is still worthwhile as you can watch the two areas of Davao City light up at night.


Yes. Who wouldn’t have heard of the famous Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City where it is conveniently located in the very heart of the city and where it is the most accessible from all parts of the city? Yes, Marco Polo Davao makes it to the short list of the best Davao venues for parties as its name alone already catches people’s attention. Their party packages are worth every money paid, and here, your worries about the party is essentially thrown out the window as they make sure you relax while they take care of everything.



Big Fun Playpen is located at the very heart of Davao City. It is only a short walk across Matina Town Square. This is the best venue for children’s parties as it is filled with fun activities like inflatables and other playground classics that your kids will surely love. Moreover, they also offer party packages, taking away all the hassle on your part as they organize your party for you.

Remember, places are only places and the most important things are the memories made while having the party. It does not follow that these are the only best Davao venues for a party as the choices are pretty much unlimited with a lot of places already offering great party packages.

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