The 5 Important Things to Look For in a Venue for Kids’ Party in Davao City

When organizing a kid’s party, you are confronted by many decisions. However, choosing a venue for kids’ party in Davao City is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event specially on your child’s birthday. Critical planning information, such as the date for the event, is dependent on the venue you select. Understandably, making this choice can be a bit intimidating as it can be hard to know what to look for when selecting a venue. Here, we listed down the most important aspects you need to look into when choosing a venue for a birthday party.

1. Cost

As a cost-conscious parent, you may want to keep the venue for kids’ party in Davao City cost down to allow more room in your budget for food and beverages and entertainment. Being flexible on the date can be a great negotiating tool as certain days of the week tend to cost less.

2. Ambience

Pay special attention to the existing decor inside the venue. What style is the architecture and what does the building’s interior convey? Is it child-friendly? The less the ambience matches the desired feeling of your kid’s party, the more decorating you’ll need to do to make up for it.

3. Location

A convenient location means different things for different events. For an event with attendees like kids even though they are accompanied by their parents, a venue for kids’ party in Davao City within a reasonable distance from most attendees’ homes or places of work may make sense.

4. Size

What a lot of people miss when thinking about venue size has less to do with capacity and more to do with the physical size of the venue. Remember, it is your child’s party so definitely you will expect that most of the attendees will be kids and also you will really expect that they will be roaming around and playing. It is important to ask questions like how tight will the seating be. Will your guests be able to move freely through the venue space without any uncomfortable hindrances on their movement? How big does the space feel? Is it cozy and comfortable? Is it open and spacious? Two venues with the exact same max capacity might feel entirely differently based on room layout.

5. Additional Services

Do you want to hire your own caterer or do you want the venue for kids’ party in Davao City to handle it? Do you have all of the equipment you need for your event or will you need the venue to supply it? Does the venue have its own setup/cleanup crew or will you need to hire someone to take care of it? All of these questions should be asked before you choose your event venue and should also be considered when looking at cost. If one venue can take care of five things you would have to handle otherwise, it might be worth spending a little extra money on.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing your venue for kids’ party in Davao City. However, if you take the above into consideration when doing your research, you’ll find the perfect venue for your child’s party.

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