Turn That TV OFF!! – Summer Activities for Preschoolers at Home

Summertime is the best time for kids. They are thrilled by the fact that there is no school and every day can be filled with fun activities and travels. Unfortunately, because of our technology, kids are had grown accustomed to staying at home and just watching TV or videos on their phone or tablet. Even the younger generation that is only in preschool are starting to build this habit due to early exposure to technology. As a parent or guardian, it is our duty to encourage them to be more active and productive during the summer break even inside the house. There are plenty of ways for younger kids to enjoy summer activities without needing to go out into the parks or other locations to have fun and be entertained. Here are some summer activities for preschoolers you can try at home. The activities range from arts and craft activities to cooking activities with the parents.

Art Activities For Preschoolers

Before there was the internet, kids would take out their arts and crafts materials and scavenge for anything to write or draw on during the summer to entertain themselves. This remains as one of the best summer activities for preschoolers at home. The urge to be creative and make something amazing was something sort of like a mission that was in the mind of a lot of children. There is a perception now among some adults that the way kids are raised now is significantly different than how it was before. This is partially true because, before, resources for arts and crafts were readily available in the house and the kind of technology we have now did not exist yet. Children used to just play with toys or draw on pieces of paper but now, they are glued on to their tablets watching videos.
It can still, however, be seen that this interest in arts and other creative ideas do not run short in our children now despite them being a technologically-focused generation. Their curiosity for practical and hands-on activities is still there. Here are a few art activities that preschoolers can do during the summer:

  • Cutting, pasting, and painting recycled materials such as egg cartons, water bottle, old boxes of cereal and the like together to make anything their imagination allows them to like animals and houses.
  • Make wind chimes out of tin cans
  • Make jewelry out of beads and strings
  • Create tie-dye shirts with the whole family
  • Drawing self-portraits, portraits of your pets or your whole family
  • Following instructions to make an origami
  • Decorate bags, clothes, slippers, and even school supplies.
  • Make sculptures using modeling clay
  • Make slime from different recipes that can be found online and play with it with the family or friends
  • Get resourceful and use nature to make art, like pressed leaves and flowers to make a nice portrait or banner.

Backyard Fun With Kids at Home

Outdoor summer activities can also be done in your own backyard. This means a lot of preparation, creativity, and energy are needed. Some of the most common backyard activities include ball games, and other group games like twister hide and seek or scavenger hunts. Some households have sandboxes that allow their children to play with the sand and make shapes out of it to create sand castles. If your backyard is wide enough, during the summer can be good to start to teach your child how to ride a bike. Parents can start this by giving them a bike with training wheels so as not to cause any accidents. Also, simple things such as taking a magnifying glass and looking around the backyard for an interesting specimen can be something that a curious preschooler would enjoy.
Water activities are especially popular with kids during the summer. Playing with cold water on a hot day is not only very refreshing but kids love to splash around and have fun. There are endless numbers of activities and games that can be played during the summer and here are a few examples:

  •  Experiment on making a bubble of different sizes. This should be done in the backyard as it can become messy. There are plenty of videos online that shows how to make them and what ingredients are needed to do it.
  • Play ball games with or without water. A simple game of catch can be fun and exciting for preschoolers, especially if they are playing with friends.
  • Take a wide bucket of water and use it to play and race with toy boats or paper boats.
  • Make water balloons and participate in a water balloon fight
  • Playing with water guns and spray can be a very fun and exciting activity for the kids. There are several types of toys that can be used for water battles at home

Social Parties For Preschool Kids

Summer shouldn’t always be about thinking of games and activities to plan for your child. Summer is all about relaxing, having fun and having free time to do things that are important. A great summer activity also involves meeting up with friends and relatives to bond and play. This can also be done at the comfort of your own house if you choose to host a party. Summer activities for preschoolers at home or outside usually involve the pool and some barbecue sessions. For preschoolers, social summer activities can help them make new friends among their own age group. Parents can host parties in their house and invite their kid’s classmates and their parents so both age groups can make friends and bond.

Here are some of the game or activities that can be done at home and in a social setting:

  • Playing ‘Simon Says” can be a great brain-boosting activity for preschoolers. They learn to listen more, follow directions and regulate their own behavior in the presence of other children.
  • There are also exciting group games like musical chairs, and relay games that the kids will definitely enjoy
  • Charades is another popular activity for not only for kids but also for the adults. Kids can let their imagination run free and analyze words to act it out. Topics can be made easy or hard depending on whether the kids will play or not.
  • Simple board games are also a fun activity to play with the family. There are board games that are more appropriate for preschoolers such as snakes and ladders.
  • There are also other bonding activities that preschoolers can participate in such as singing and dancing. Parties usually have programs, even if it is only between friends and family. Karaoke is something popular in Asian households. A lot of parents like to show off the singing and dancing skills of their children and having the opportunity to enjoy this with friends and family is a very memorable activity.

Cooking/Baking at Home For Kids

Cooking or baking a dish is something the whole family can do together. Food is a necessity in a household and although it is a common task for parents to cook and provide food for their children, they can turn this into an interesting activity for their kid. Kids are curious about a lot of things and helping out with the cooking or baking at home can be a fun and rewarding experience for them. They should be given tasks that are not dangerous and does not include any sharp objects such as knife, grater or anything that is too sharp. There are also plenty of recipes online that are actually very easy and can be done by kids. This fun activity can give them beneficial knowledge by practicing them how to cook at a young age.
Here are a few dishes that can be done by preschoolers during their vacation:


  •  Fruit salads are fairly easy to make. It only requires different types of fruits that are sliced and mixed together with cream, or cheese, depending on what the recipe asks for.
  • Ice cream is an undoubtedly a favorite among children. Summer is the perfect season to make these and it is actually quite easy to make. There is no need to cut anything, therefore, is very safe for children.
  • Baking cookies, cakes, cupcakes or brownies are also fun because the kids can take part in mixing it together, waiting for it to bake and decorating it afterward.

Summer Online Enrichment For Preschoolers

There is no denying that technology now plays a vital part in the lives of our children. Even in school, they have incorporated online tools and teaching methods to aid in their study. Preschoolers may spend time online with summer activities for preschoolers at home if that is the kind of fun activity they are happy with, however, it is best to monitor what they are playing. There are a lot of educational and fun websites online that can actually both benefit and entertain your child. It is key to be more open-minded with regards to games and online activities for kids because our technology is growing at a very fast pace. Proper research should be done and parental control on websites should be turned on to make sure that your kid is browsing in a safe and enriching environment. They may use tablets to browse the web and it is the parent’s role to not only monitor their usage but also limit it when needed.

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