Small and Intimate Party Venues in Davao City for Simple Kids’ Parties

Even with the influx of different kinds of kids’ parties which most of the times includes guests of less than 50 people, small party venues in Davao City are not that hard to find. Oftentimes small party venues are often preferred for a more intimate party for the kids, a better venue for actually getting to know the celebrant and making the kids more comfortable with each other as the party goes on. Here are some of the best small party venues in Davao City that guarantees an intimate and the best birthday party experience for kids.


Conveniently located at Torres Street in Davao City, Demitasse is a well-loved bistro that is well-known for one of the best tasting food and service in Davao City. With their scrumptious food and services, their party packages are also superb. With their second floor function room, Demitasse can be considered a small party venue in Davao City that can exceed expectations when it comes to the party itself. With helpful staff and their own good food, Demitasse has ratings that are up the roof when it comes to the restaurant and their small party venue in Davao City.


Blooming Days is a café located at Loyola Street with a function room for all occasions located at the second floor of the café. With Loyola Street being across Torres Street, Blooming Days is also convenient for party goers to head to as public transportation and wide parking spaces are present in front of the café. The café itself is a go to for the cakes and coffee. Blooming Days also offers a variety of dishes that are kid-friendly. Their function room ensures that they are also a contender for being one of the best top picks of small party venues in Davao City.


Mama Alor and her family have been treating Davaoeños to unforgettable and timeless classic dishes cooked in their own secret family recipes. Alor’s: A Home Kitchen is also located at Torres Street and can be considered as one of the first picks when it comes to small party venues in Davao City, especially when you want your kid’s party to feel like home but without the hassle of cleaning around.



When it comes to small parties in Davao City that are intimate and simple, nothing beats the fastfood chains and their party packages. With branches all over the city, McDonald’s, the number one fast food chain in the US and Jollibee, the number one food chain in the Philippines don’t have any actual competition. With their familiar flavors already instilled in the hearts of every Filipino child, these fast food chains are actually the number one choice in small party venues in Davao City and in any other city in the Philippines. What’s good about holding your kid’s party in fast food chains is that everything is taken care of. Just choose a package and they will work in making sure your kids will have a good time through food, games, and even clowns and mascots!


Big Fun Playpen is one of the newer options for small party venues in Davao City. It’s located in Juna Subdivision and is just a short walk across Matina Town Square. What sets Big Fun Playpen apart from other venues is that it focuses on letting the kids have fun by playing actively with their friends. They have inflatable bounces, creative activities, and good food. You can choose among the packages that they offer and they’ll organize the party for you. Parties need not be grand and majestic, most especially when it comes to kids who only want to have fun during parties. These examples of the best small party venues in Davao City are known for giving intimate and simple kids’ parties that will make the party even more enjoyable for the children.

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