Your safety is important
to us!
At Big Fun, our trained and certificated staff give general supervision. We are committed to ensure that everyone is playing i a safe manner while having Big Fun, wearing socks and frequent handwashing is practiced.
However, we still encourage parents to watch over their children, or have a guardian with them, for their own well-being. This will ensure that everyone can have Big Big Fun without any worries.

Big Fun Playpen Rules:

NO SHOES past the gate. Please remove shoes before entering the play area and leave it at the reception.

SOCKS MUST be worn at all times. They are available at reception for sale if you have left these at home.

Adults MUST supervise their children at all times.

NO FOOD, DRINKS, GUM, SHARP OBJECTS in play area. Food should be kept to refreshment areas, please pick up any food dropped on the floor.

Keep you eyes on older children (3+) when they are in the infant/toddler area.

Empty out your pockets before entering the PlayPen and Bouncy House.

Leave SHARP objects with a responsible adult or at the reception area.

No Climbing on nets, poles or netting inside or outside the play area.

Bad Language, Fighting or Bullying will not be tolerated. Guilty parties may be asked to leave

Big Fun Playpen Rules:

An adult of at least 18 years old must accompany children at all times and children must not be left on the premises without adult supervision. We are not responsible for supervising children. Parents/guardians assume full responsibility and liability for children while on premises.

Skaler customers will only pay P100.00 to avail the unlimited play time and Non-customers will be paying P100.00 an hour to play in the Big Fun PlayPen.

Big Fun Playpen has worked to design a safe and fun environment for children to play, but cannot be held accountable for accidents or injuries that may occur as a result from unsafe play or inappropriate use of playground equipment or for children tripping, falling and bumping into other children or fixed objects.

Please ensure that you and your children are free of illness. Children who are unwell must not use the facilities. Should a child be sick while at Big Fun Playpen, they will need to leave the premises for risk of infection to other children. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made when children are unwell regardless of medical condition.

Big Fun Playpen is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged goods that are brought into our facility.

No children under 18 months old are allowed in the play structure area without a parent or guardian 18 years and older.

Please wash hands before entering our facility and after eating to ensure germs are not spread around and to help us keep this place clean.

Nappy changing and the use of potties etc. should be conducted in the baby changing room. Place nappies in the correct bins provided.

In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, Big Fun Playpen reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone and to ask any person or persons to leave at its sole discretion. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

Please remove anything hazardous from pockets before going into the play structures.

No Climbing on nets, poles or netting inside or outside the play area.

All damages to Big Fun Playpen property either accidental or deliberate must be reported to a member of staff. Please respect our premises.