Playards Review 2019 – The Good, The Bad and the Evil


26 Feb 2019
By Big Fun Playpen
Playards Review 2019 – The Good, The Bad and the Evil

Playards are very similar to playpens. They are basically enclosed play areas for babies, toddlers and kids but nowadays, playards are made with several other useful features such as having a bassinet or a small changing station. They can be made from different materials such as plastic, wood or metal that are usually accompanied by fabric mesh to keep it soft and safe for children. They are primarily used to ensure that children are provided a safe space to walk and play their toy without the distraction or dangers of other household items or furniture. They are now widely used as changing stations at home or handy portable play pen for kids when parents and kids are away from their house.

The Good

There are many things to consider that can make the best playards. Before we discuss that however, a straightforward opinion of many is that the most famous playard brand that is probably out there now is Graco Pack ‘n Play. They have the best range of playards good for different kinds of situations; whether it would be for indoor or outdoor use or if it includes different additional features. They also have the most intuitively simple to pack playards that serves its purpose efficiently.

Playards are made for babies, toddlers and kids. The added features needed on it depends what age is the child that would be using it. Some playard has bassinets and this is perfect for parents with babies that are still not able to walk around as freely as toddlers and older kids. These playards also come in different materials that can help parents decide if they want a playard for outdoor or indoor use and also gives them a choice of what to use the playard for. Most playards can be portable and some even come in bags, which can be very handy in many situations.

Another great benefit of using playards is it’s the perfect for travel purposes. Some may even say it is better to be used for travel instead of at home because it is very lightweight and perfect to keep your child safe and distracted in a lot of situations that parents may encounter during travels. For example, a parent is at a friend’s place over dinner and that particular friend doesn’t necessarily have a child-friendly house. They have breakables all over the house but the parent would like to have simple moments to enjoy dinner with their friends. This is where playards can be very useful. Putting your kids in a playard can be very efficient, and with all the new accessories they are adding to it, your child can keep distracted for very long. Not only can it be used for playing, it is also a portable changing station and bed, complete with all the needs for your baby, toddler or kid that can be utilized anywhere. It can also act as an extra storage place for other products brought for the kids.

The Bad

One of the worse ways of getting playards according to many parents and people who use it is when buying it second-hand. Playards can be quite expensive for some and a lot of people prefer the options of getting it second-hand, however, this means that the quality will also be lower due to wear and tear. The most important part of using playards is to keep the children in a place that is safe and secure. There are many different types of playards available but to those with limited choices, playards can be something very useful or something that may not really be that necessary. Most playards should be safe to use because that is the purpose they serve, but a lot of variety of playards sold nowadays have elevated platforms that can be very fragile and easy to break especially when the playards is not new. Some even have wheels, which can be a concern especially if your child is very active and likes to climb over barriers.

The Evil

After all the good research supporting playards, a few parents just simply choose not to use it. It is especially useful for growing toddlers but it has been observed by many parents and guardians that some kids are really not compatible with using playards. This may seem restrictive to them because children are naturally a free-spirited group to deal with. Kids may have this perception that they are being kept away from the ‘outside’ world and being in playards may cause them trauma. Playards may cause children to feel neglected for being kept inside. Ultimately, playards can be very useful for travelling and for use for other places besides the home. It is not generally a recommended product for keeping the children safe as playards can be limited and does not really guarantee a totally safe and worry-free environment for your children.

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