Kids Activities in Davao That Will Help Your Child’s Development

Playgrounds are more than just fun places where your child can spend free time. They can help all kids—especially those with learning and attention issues—develop important skills. Here’s how to help them with these kids’ activities in Davao.

Identifying textures.

Kids are sensory learners who love to touch, smell, and taste to understand the world around them. Use a dark marker to trace letters of the alphabet and/or numbers onto poster paper; then have your tot decorate the letters with textured items such as sandpaper, beans, cotton balls, pastas, and pipe cleaners. Touching the letters gives kids the opportunity to feel the way a letter is formed. For little ones learning to write, their fingers can experiment with the shape of a letter before grasping a writing utensil.

Teach them to measure.

Using everyday items, teach your child to measure. Although a ruler is the most common measuring tool, experiment with months, seasons, or time of year to make the learning process interesting. In the fall, have your child lie down on the grass and then line up apples next to her to measure how many "apples tall" she is at certain ages. Or, determine how many “Legos tall” the couch is or how many “wooden blocks wide the refrigerator is in your home.

Introducing an Organization.

Nurture your child’s helpful spirit by promoting organization in your home. Parents should embrace this quality even though it may slow down activities and chores. Tie in the Label Your Household activity by keeping toys, clothes, dishes, and household items in specific places. As you put things in their labeled bins and drawers, turn the process into a guessing game. This is probably the best kids’ activities in Davao that will teach them some grown-up ways.

A tour on the town.

Get familiar with your town by pointing out the supermarket, fire station, gas station, and other places of interest. As you pass each place, discuss the details of these neighborhood staples. This includes who works there, the purpose of your visit, and what items you find inside. Then raw or print pictures of these places and put them on index cards along with their details. The next time you’re out with your child, refer to these “neighborhood” cards.

Singing Vocabulary.

Encourage singing in the car, while playing at home, and during bath time. If your child attends day care or preschool, ask the teacher for the class’s favorite songs and reinforce them at home. Teach songs to grandparents and babysitters so that all of the important people in your child’s life will be involved in this lighthearted activity. Your child will start learning through song as she recites letters, numbers, days of the week, and body parts to melodic tunes.

Which of these kids’ activities in Davao are you excited to try?

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