Fun Kids’ Summer Camp Indoor Activities in Davao for Rainy Days

Rainy weather during summer days can be a bummer for the kids, especially when you already had a whole day of summer activities planned out. The mall, however, isn’t a summer activity and if you’re the type of parent that wants to actually spend time with the children inside that does not include window shopping, these are some summer camp indoor activities in Davao City for rainy days.


One of the fun summer camp indoor activities in Davao can be glamping. Glamping is a term coined after two words that is its basic meaning: Glamour Camping. It involves setting up a whole camp inside your own home. It can be a way for the children to learn how to actually set up a tent (minus the peg) and even other activities that can be done while setting up camp while focusing on the glamour rather than the camping. From rope tying to baking, learning how to use the sleeping bags to making summer snacks safely within the confines of the kitchen, glamping introduces other summer camp indoor activities in Davao for you and your children.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are basic lessons in Summer Camp. So, what you can do outdoors with art, you can do better indoors. Arts and crafts can be a summer camp indoor activity in Davao as it can elicit a lot of other activities one can do with the children. Make an abstract painting by filling up small balloons with paint and water and simply throwing them on a large, white, canvass or wall. Make use of the Easter season by egg decorating. Making figurines out of clay, the sky’s the limit. Printing out a guide sheet and then making famous buildings by only using paper. These are all summer camp indoor activities in Davao that are limitless in the possibility of activities one can do indoors.

Life-Sized Board Games

Take the next creative and fun step in board games and make or buy life-sized versions of them for the kids to play with as a summer camp indoor activity in Davao. Classic board games are always a fun thing to do and kicking them up a notch can be fun for everyone. From the large-sized Jenga game made up of cardboard to a tarpaulin-printed Snakes and Ladders classic where the pieces can be the children, or knee-sized chess pieces that can surely grab the attention of the children. Board games cannot be considered boring once they are the size of the children at least as the children can enjoy for themselves and appreciate the classic board games. This one might also be a record for something new in summer camp indoor activities in Davao.

Indoor sports

Sports are always a given when you hear of camp. So, why would it be left out in summer camp indoor activities in Davao? There’s bowling and darts to name a few. Even childhood favorites like Chinese garters and hopscotch can be considered as summer camp indoor activities in Davao.

Rainy days can always be a real bummer for a well-planned out summer day for the kids. But with a little tweaking of summer camp activities, one can create one’s own summer camp indoor activities in Davao City.

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