Cool Activities for Kids in Davao That Will Help in Their Formative Years

As you can see, you can shape your child’s destiny during the first five years of their life. At the age of five, 90% of brain capacity has been already developed. During the first five years of your child’s life, the brain is more receptive to learning than at any other point in time. What is far more relevant is that within the first five years of life, the brain is by far the most plastic or flexible. In the early years of development, the more you try to exercise different areas in the brain, the longer the impact this will have on their own learning ability.

So, if you are looking for cool activities for kids in Davao City that will help them in their formative years, then you’re in luck! Because below are a few of the suggested activities that your child must be part of.

Philippine Eagle Center

The children can actually learn so much about the critically endangered species namely the Philippine Eagle at the Philippine Eagle Center. They can also learn about its role in the ecosystem while touring the natural habitat of the majestic creature at the Philippine Eagle Center. Other animals as well as the Philippine brown deer and also the Philippine long-tailed macaque as well as many other species of birds are also housed in the center.

Museo Dabawenyo

If you really want your children to learn much more about the culture and history of Davao City, do one of the cool activities for kids in Davao and simply take them to Dabawenyo Museum. Here, the museum has displays from Davao's indigenous people, an impressive Dabawenyos gallery, as well as a display on the area’s Chinese heritage. There’s also a showroom that highlights various artists each month, so that at the museum there will always be something new to discover and appreciate.

D’ Bone Collector Museum

D’Bone Collector Museum has housed bones with around 300 species of animals, varying from snakes to sperm whales. And since the bones really can say a lot about the entire life of a creature, a museum tour can teach children the effect of human activity on the well – being and the survival of animals and what must be needed to do to protect them. Children also can actually bring a bone or two from the gift shop back to their homes right after the tour.

Gandiva Archery

Gandiva Archery seems to have skilled professional personal trainers who could really teach the essentials of archery to sporty youngsters. They have also opened recently a range located at Gaisano Mall’s Adventure Zone, simply making their own facilities much more accessible to youngsters. On their website, you can try checking their rates and rentals of equipment.

Eden Nature Park

End up spending a nice relaxing day out with your own children at Eden Nature Park where, amongst other outdoor activities, you also can enjoy mountain hiking, fishing and riding horses. Adventurous young kids are definitely meant to try sky cycling and zip lining, two of the trademark activities of the park.

Get ready for these cool activities for kids in Davao!

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