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MON/WED - 4/1/2019 Mask ArtMON/WED - 4/3/2019 Animal Paper ArtMON/WED - 4/8/2019 Glitter Paper Magic ArtMON/WED - 4/10/2019 Wildlife Paper Cup ArtMON/WED - 4/22/2019 Photo ScrapBook ArtMON/WED - 4/24/2019 Water Color PaintingMON/WED - 4/29/2019 Cartoon Paper Bag ArtMON/WED - 5/1/2019 Sand ArtMON/WED - 5/6/2019 Eco Bag Painting ArtMON/WED - 5/8/2019 Button ArtsMON/WED - 5/13/2019 Embossed Watercolor ArtMON/WED - 5/15/2019 Super Slime ArtMON/WED - 5/20/2019 Piggy Bank CartoonMON/WED - 5/22/2019 Let’s Make Clay – DOhMON/WED - 5/27/2019 Picture Frame ArtMON/WED - 5/29/2019 Beading – Jewelry Art
TUE/THU - 4/2/2019 Mask ArtTUE/THU - 4/3/2019 Animal Paper ArtTUE/THU - 4/9/2019 Glitter Paper Magic ArtTUE/THU - 4/11/2019 Wildlife Paper Cup ArtTUE/THU - 4/23/2019 Photo ScrapBook ArtTUE/THU - 4/25/2019 Water Color PaintingTUE/THU - 4/30/2019 Cartoon Paper Bag ArtTUE/THU - 5/2/2019 Sand ArtTUE/THU - 5/7/2019 Eco Bag Painting ArtTUE/THU - 5/9/2019 Button ArtsTUE/THU - 5/14/2019 Embossed Watercolor ArtTUE/THU - 5/16/2019 Super Slime ArtTUE/THU - 5/25/2019 Piggy Bank CartoonTUE/THU - 5/23/2019 Let’s Make Clay – DOhTUE/THU - 5/28/2019 Picture Frame ArtTUE/THU - 5/30/2019 Beading – Jewelry Art
FRI/SAT - 4/5/2019 Mask ArtFRI/SAT- 4/6/2019 Animal Paper ArtFRI/SAT - 4/12/2019 Glitter Paper Magic ArtFRI/SAT - 4/13/2019 Wildlife Paper Cup ArtFRI/SAT - 4/26/2019 Photo ScrapBook ArtFRI/SAT - 4/27/2019 Water Color PaintingFRI/SAT - 5/3/2019 Cartoon Paper Bag ArtFRI/SAT - 5/4/2019 Sand ArtFRI/SAT - 5/10/2019 Eco Bag Painting ArtFRI/SAT - 5/11/2019 Button ArtsFRI/SAT - 5/17/2019 Embossed Watercolor ArtFRI/SAT - 5/18/2019 Super Slime ArtFRI/SAT - 5/24/2019 Piggy Bank CartoonFRI/SAT - 5/25/2019 Let’s Make Clay – DOhFRI/SAT - 5/31/2019 Picture Frame ArtFRI/SAT - 6/1/2019 Beading – Jewelry Art

Big Fun MUST be informed prior to class of any allergies or special needs of attending children in order to appropriately accommodate them, i.e. wheelchair users, latex allergies, hearing impairments, etc.

Policies: Big Fun does not refund for missed classes. Big Fun staff is under no obligation to offer make up classes outside of course hours. There are no refunds or credits for dropping a class after it begins. Big Fun may cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment as it sees fit. Class work and projects not picked up after 3 months may be discarded upon Director’s discretion.

Absences: We ask that parents/students notify the studio of absences so that we are not waiting for a student to arrive to begin class. Students may make up missed time for one class for an 'informed' illness or conflict at the instructors discretion; Big Fun is under no obligation to make up classes due to illness or conflict without prior notification or arrangement.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policy: Students over the age of 3 may be 'dropped off' for classes if they are potty trained and function independently. Students 'not ready' may have a parent accompany them to class although we encourage parents to allow children to be as independent as possible. Students must be picked up promptly at the end of class time. Responsible adults not on time may be subjected to additional late pick-up fees of $1.00 per minute at discretion of staff. Please call to inform staff if you will be late.

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