Best Summer Activities for Kids They Can Do With Their Play Group

Kids love the summer season because it is when they are most free to do fun and exciting activities with their friends. For young kids, parents usually arrange a playgroup, or a group of children that they can do enjoyable activities with. Playgroups are supervised by the parents and it is arranged as a way for their kids to grow in a more creative and sociable environment. There are a lot of activities and games that can be done during the summer season and parents usually utilize this very free period to arrange playgroup meetups. There are no set rules as to where to go and what to do during these activities and that is why the list of activities that can be done is also endless. Here are to name a few in no particular order:

1. Hide and seek

A classic game of hide and seek is always fun for kids of any age. The adorable part of this activity is that younger children around the toddler age are not really very good at hiding. They believe they are invisible being hidden something that can be quite obvious like a lamp post. Despite this, it is very fun for them and would truly be very heart-warming for supervising parents because of all the giggles abound.

2. Pretend play

Preschool children like to imitate and one way this interest can be utilized is by doing a pretend to play with other children. This activity is great and meant to improve their social skills and observation. Kids can either be very active or quite shy and being surrounded by other children in a playgroup can help them be more observant and controlled, and help the shy kids feel more welcome and comfortable. Pretend plays can include props and costumes that the kids will surely love.

3. Scavenger hunt

It may seem like a bit of a complex activity but scavenger hunts can actually be done in playgroups in a very simple and exciting way. Preschool kids have already built up their recognition skills and are able to walk and play. They can do a scavenger hunt arranged by parents wherein they can try to find a list of things with a certain shape or color. It can also be a specific object that needs to be collected in certain numbers like 5 pencils or 2 balls.


4. Cook with parents

Cooking can be a good joint activity between parents and the playgroup. There are a lot of recipes that can be made easily without the need of using dangerous equipment and complicated cooking methods. For example, recipes that are ready-to-eat such as sandwiches, salads, and wraps can be a good start to teach and prepare with the children. It is a fun and inclusive activity that benefits their development and helps boost their confidence.

5. Music: Singing and Dancing

The “universal language”, music, is an important aspect to learn for every developing child. It improves their mood and makes an enjoyable play. It also helps them build their vocabulary and listening skills. Almost every activity can be incorporated with music but letting the playgroup dance and sing their hearts out is a simple, yet effective way for them to have fun and enjoy their time with friends. There are also games that can be played with music like doing a “Stop-dance” where the goal of the game is to stop when music is not playing and immediately dance when it starts again.

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