Are Davao City Kids Receiving The Best Growing Up Guidance?

Bringing up a child is one of the hardest things about becoming a parent. It is something that none of us have proper and formal training with. And, with Davao City being one of the prominent cities in Mindanao, how sure are we that the Davao City kids are receiving the best growing up guidance?

Being branded as one of the top safest cities in Asia, Davao City already has a prior image to any outsider entering the city for the first time. Usually that image has something to do with discipline, which every kid should learn at a very young age. Discipline in a sense that Davao City kids should not only know what’s right or wrong but also not to actually take into action what they know are inherently wrong. Here, one can ask, “Are the Davao City kids being taught discipline that is proper for today’s generation to help them through the future?”

As the world ever so changes, so does the times and how things are, but one thing that will always be present is learning the meaning of hard work. Nowadays, are Davao City kids still taught the real meaning of hard work through everyday chores? Not only does this instill a sense of hard work but also a sense of responsibility, that knowing at an early age, how one is expected to be something in the future. Davao City kids can be expected to grow into responsible and hardworking adults.

With the inclusion of the K-12 program that is practiced by every other country outside of the Philippines, our education system is expected to be even more at par with the education systems in other countries. But, are the Davao City kids taught to appreciate education and where it can take them? Will they grow into adolescents who understand why they are expected to have basic education and what the it means for them in the years to come?

And finally, are Davao City kids taught that no matter how responsible, hardworking, studious and disciplined one is, it’s always equally important to have fun? To have fun in activities kids love, to have fun being a child, as that’s the best way to learn in their early stages. This is more of a message to the parents rather than to the children. The Davao City kids won’t always be kids. In the blink of an eye, they will soon be young adults. Don’t let the pressure of making sure they grow up to be the best people they can be take away what’s more important in a kid’s life: fun.

The answer to the question in the title lies behind each and every parent of every Davao City kid. Whether or not it’s a yes or a no, keep in mind that they are the next wave of hope for the city and for our country to lead us towards the future.

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