5 Best Summer Activities for Kids in Davao

Now that we’re in the midst of summer, are you running low on ideas to keep your little ones entertained? Summer is the season for outdoor activities, so we’ve picked our top 5 fun, safe, affordable, and the best summer activities for kids in Davao and the whole family to enjoy. Hurry, summer will be over before you know it!

1. Day at the Water Park

There’s only one thing children enjoy more than running around in dirt: running around in water! Pack up those swimsuits and towels for a full day of slides, tubing and water channels. You can suggest the slides that require a two or multi-person tube so you and your kids can share the experience together. However, for those parents who prefer not to get wet, every waterpark comes equipped with lounging areas and picnic tables.

2. Camping in the Wilderness

There’s no better way to discover nature and the outdoors than with one of the best summer activities for kids in Davao: camping. Teach your kids how to pitch a tent, start a campfire or tie a fishing line. Not only are they valuable life skills, but they’re fun too! Camping can also include nature hikes, swimming in the lake and searching for insects and forest creatures.

3. Backyard Gardening

Have your kids ever asked you where food comes from? Why not show them! Spend a day in the garden, and have them work as your assistant, helping you plant your herbs and cherry tomatoes or harvest the over-grown strawberry bush. You can even get them their own gardening tools, so they feel extra important. Kids love getting their hands dirty – especially when it involves helping Mommy or Daddy!

4. Sandcastles at the Beach

What’s better than the beach on a hot summer’s day? Pack a picnic, a book for yourself and some of your little one’s favorite toys for a fun day at the beach. A pail and shovel is all that’s required for hours of endless sandcastle building! You never know what could be lying in the sand, so water shoes are always a good idea too. What else do you need when you have the sun, ocean waves and sand between your toes? As an added bonus, all that Vitamin D will surely tire out your children when it comes to
bedtime. Most importantly, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

5. Championing Mini-Golf

Only in mini-golf are you able to putt golf balls through mansions, windmills and sunken ships. Some may argue it’s more entertaining than a real golf course! Show your children the magic of a hole-in-one, when you take them to 18 holes of miniature fun! This simple excursion is a fun family activity for all to enjoy.

What are other best summer activities for kids in Davao for you?

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