4-year-old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

4 years old is also a milestone age for some parents. This is because they have passed the toddler age and basically has more energy to spare. Birthday parties at this age can be kept longer for about 2 hours. Boys are especially filled with more energy, therefore, they can do more activities for their birthday. At this age, they are also more aware of their surroundings and their personal taste, so parents can start asking them for things that they want to incorporate in their birthday. Make them think of ideas that can be good for their own party. It will take more time and preparation for a birthday for a 4 year old compared to the previous years, but this also means that it would be more worthwhile for your little boy as he will have more recollection of the whole party.

Places like Big Fun in Davao can help in making sure that the entertainment part of the party is taken care of. Playgrounds are a huge thing for kids and no matter what gender, they will enjoy just running around and playing with other children. 4 years old is also when kids start going to preschool, this means that they may have classmates invited to the birthday party. This is the perfect opportunity for your kid to bond with them more and play other activities apart from what they do in school. It would be nice for parents to start incorporating structured games at this age as they have a little more attention span now. Games like treasure hunts and smashing the Piñata is something they will enjoy.

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